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Space Engineers

Space Engineers 

 Space Engineers can be a sandbox game about engineering and more, construction and repair of space work. Players can build many space ships and space stations of assorted sizes and utilization (civil and military), pilot a ships and performs an asteroid mining.

Space Engineers works on the realistic volumetric-based physics engine: all objects could be assembled or can be disassembled, damaged and destroyed. The game incorporates two game modes: creative and survival

Space Engineers has sold over a million copies within its fresh since launch.

In 2002, Marek Rosa got a solid idea of making a physics-sandbox game where players construct static and dynamic structures within a grid-like environment, with realistic physics and realistic volumetricity.

This idea is inspired by his childhood days, spent with all the popular construction toys of LEGO and LEGO TECHNIC.

Back next the technology wasn’t ready for any full-scale approach, hence the first phase of his “master plan” focused only on dynamic voxel terrain. This generated our first titles was, “Miner Wars 2081”.

The second phase is going on right now and is also materialized in “Space Engineers”.

Space Engineers is inspired by reality by how things works. Think about modern-day NASA technologys extrapolated 60 years into your future. Space Engineers strives to check out the laws of physics and will not use technologies that would not be feasible before long.

To be truthful, with regard to intuitive gameplay, we'd to make a few sacrifices to “realism elitism” - artificial gravity, max velocity, reactor efficacy, static grid, immovable asteroids, etc.

Space Engineers is targeted on construction aspects, but could be played like a tactical shooter too. We expect players in order to avoid engaging in direct man-to-man combat and instead use their creativity and engineering skills to make war machines and fortifications. Space Engineers shouldn’t talk about troops; it should talk about the machinery you build.

Space Engineers - Gameplay Videos


Space Engineers is obtainable on Steam Early Access.

This shows that the game remains under development and it is being improved often - through updates that add and polish feature and the content, optimizations and some bug fixes. Like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter does not notified on all updates.

Space Engineers will continue to be in development until we gather enough feedback on the community. We need to find out how people play our game and what can they want us to spotlight. Community feedback is predicted and will direct our future decisions.

We chose to focus on features actually present in the experience (fully finished or work-in-progress).
We won’t refer to planned features, our ideas, future dates, map, etc.

Everything in the sport is be subject to change.



Currently this mod adds in 17 ships (some are variants on other new ones) into the cargo ship spawn system, here is the list!

-1 Personal Transport
-1 Micro Assault Ship
-1 Small Mining Ship
-1 Frigate
-1 Luxury Transport
-1 Blockade Runner
-1 Cutter
-3 Foundry Ship variants (two are progressively more damaged versions of the intact one)
-1 Medivac
-1 Scout Ship
-2 Survey Ship variants (like the Foundry Ship, one is a damaged version of the other)
-1 Cargo Pod
-1 Cargo Transport

There are still others to be implemented, but I wanted to get this out for people to enjoy!

Known Issues:

-Many of the new ships spawn in at odd angles. I am fairly certain I can fix this, but I wanted to get this out there to see if there are any crash bugs I haven't found and fixed yet.

-The spawn balance isn't quite right yet, rebalancing will happen as things move along.


-James "Sepherchorde" Oden- Lead/Ship Designer/Implementation (Sepherose here on Nexus)

-Jamie "Athena" Armstrong - Ship Designer

-Bryon "Nukeguard" Simmons - Ship Designer

-Blake "Simmons" Crews- Ship Designer/Tester

-Ryan "Feidry" Beabout- Ship Designer/Tester

Do you keep wondering why you need two connector/collector pairs to move stuff between ships/station instead of the conveyor system? Well, I finally found a workaround!

Adds 2 new conveyor tubes (for small and large ships) under the name of "Conveyor Tube Connector" that lack Mount Points on one side. Allows connected ships and stations (via the Merge Block) to use the conveyor system while not permanently merging them.

There are now 2 ways to install my mod: Self-extracting and manual. The former will auto-detect the path to your MODS folder and do all the heavy-lifting (YAY!). The latter is a zip file that must be extracted at %AppData%/SpaceEngineers/Mods (replace forward slashes to backward ones). Simply copy and paste that path to Windows Explorer's address field and the actual path will be resolved.

ATTENTION! Don't forget to remove previous versions of my mod! In doubt, delete your old CubeBlocks.sbc and let Steam re-download that file.

To uninstall my mod, delete the folder "Unmergeable Conveyor Tubes" at %AppData%/SpaceEngineers/Mods (replace forward slashes to backward ones). Done!

Random Facts:
The Large Ship/Station block is a copy of "Conveyor Tube" block.
The Small Ship block is a copy of "Conveyor Frame" block.

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