"Game"Mount and Blade - Warband

Charge into Battle, Ride into Legend

In Mount & Blade: Warband, you play just as one adventurer inside the medieval land of Calradia, a made-up land lacking magic and high fantasy, instead bearing many similarities to your world from the Middle Ages.

The game provides a great deal of freedom nowadays. You may roam throughout the map visiting towns and villages, trading, pursuing various quests, participating in tournaments, or testing out a myriad of alternative activities.

You will notice that the entire world itself is dynamic. Caravans travel between towns, sometimes being waylaid by bandits; villagers place their goods to markets; armies assemble to advance across the land, besieging towns or castles and raiding settlements. Instead of offering you a fixed approach to follow,

Mount & Blade: Warband enables you to freely adventure these days. In time, you can be well known in lots of places when you make friends and enemies along with other characters, which experts claim will allow you to affect events in profound ways. You don’t must remain a penniless adventurer, either. You may obtain great wealth and power, become among the trusted vassals of any king; conquer and own villages, castles and towns; command armies, and when you like, even lead rebellions and replace kings along with other claim holders.

And that knows? If you are great and cunning warrior you may one day end up being the Ruler of Calradia.


Mount & Blade: Warband

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